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There are more than fifty museums in Bologna that conserve rich heritage unique both for the quality of the master pieces and their thematic and time diversity. You are free to make your itinerary choosing from the most classic to the most curious and surprising museums.

You can admire the magnificent Etruscan situla (vessel) from Certosa, the majestic statue in marble of Bonifacio VIII, the picture by Raffaello Estasi di Santa Cecilia (St. Cecil Ecstasy), the Angel statue by Michelangelo, Madonna col bambino (Virgin Mary with child) by Giotto, Madonna col bambino e santi (Virgin Mary with child and saints) by Parmigianino, frescos by Caracci and Guido Reni, the house of Giorgio Morandi and his pictures.

And more surprising things... Historical collections of anatomy and obstetrics, anatomy wax models, military architecture inside of the Palazzo Poggi of the University of Bologna (founded in 1088). Manuscripts by young Mozart (who got his diploma in Bologna) and historical music instruments in the Museo Internazionale e Biblioteca della musica (International Museum and Library of Music). Numerous toy soldiers in paper, metal, wood, stucco or plastic; unique pieces or series in the Museo storico del Soldatino (Historical Museum of Toy soldiers) in the Villa Aldrovandi Mazzacorati. The memory of Bologna when it used to be an important port and the world leader in the silk production thanks to the innovative use of the hydraulic power from the 15th to the 18th centuries documented in the Museo del Patrimonio Industriale (Museum of Industrial Heritage). Vessels for the medical preparations from the Bologna's first hospital pharmacy in the Museo della Sanità (Heath Museum).  About six thousand pieces of textile from Italy and other parts of the world conserved in the Museo del Tessuto e della Tappezzeria “Vittorio Zironi” (Tapestry Museum).  A touching installation made by Christian Boltanski recomposing pieces of the aircraft Dc-9 shot down in 1980 and commemorating the tragedy. 



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