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This site uses the Content Management System of Fondazione Bologna Welcome and has been designed following the provisions of Law 4 of 9 January 2004 and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Queries and reports

Please send an e-mail to webmaster@kedos-srl.it to report accessibility problems in pages or documents, so we can provide alternative content and correct errors

Reporting as at 29 March 2024

Non-compliant sections, contents and functions

The deviations detected within the site are:

Lack of the alt key for

  • Some photos uploaded via CMS
  • Photo Gallery 

Hierarchical structure of headings not always complied with 

Low contrast on:

  • Texts on the slideshow
  • Some elements on red background

<li> elements not directly contained in <ul>

Lack of role indication for some clickable elements:

  • Titles
  • Icons
  • Menu elements
  • Tables

NB. Some elements are highlighted in external widgets e.g. the cookie banner

Lack of air-label for:

  • some links opening in _blank
  • some elements with a button function 
Lack of submit or role for:

  • Cookie Banner Consent Selection
  • Event and experience search filters
  • Get inspired

Photo Gallery: lack of a valid href (Anchor element found with a valid href attribute).

NB. No action can be taken in this case as this part is embedded in a plugin

Tab detail | Map: lack of name property on marker

NB. this part is also incorporated in a plugin and is not subject to intervention

Country Code: lack of text associated with the down arrow button

NB. No intervention possible as this part is handled by a plugin.

Incomplete keyboard navigation: using the tab and enter allows navigation on the site, but not everywhere.

Work is in progress and being evaluated to address the shortcomings noted in the previous paragraph



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