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Easter Break in Bologna

Updated on 01 March 2024 From Bologna Welcome

Springtime in Bologna bursts into bloom and unleashes all its beauty, casting a new light on its red roofs, tall towers and gentle green hills. If you are seeking one more reason to come to the city, take a look at the things to do over the Easter period.

Find out what to do over the Easter Weekend 2024


Make the most of your free time and the special Easter openings of the civic, university and city museums and the Pinacoteca Nazionale to enjoy all of Bologna's culture, including archaeological and medieval history, science and the environment, art and culture.


Marvel at the splendour of some of Bologna's most beautiful historical palaces and take the opportunity to explore the exhibitions on display inside them, such as the 'Fantastic Animals and the Garden of Wonders' exhibition in Palazzo Albergati or the 'Mimmo Paladino' exhibition set up for Art City 2024 in the Pope's Palace (Palazzo Boncompagni). 



Browse through the vast choice of tours and experiences, including the Discover Bologna walking tour or the Panoramic Bologna Bike around the alleys of the old town.  Don't miss the opportunity to climb the Clock Tower for the most beautiful panoramic view of Bologna. Round off your visit with the food walking tour through the streets of Bologna's ancient market and uncover all the interesting facts about Bolognese food.


Discover the artistic side of Bologna: if you love acting, the show " Rinoceronti" at the Arena del Sole is sure to introduce you to a new and exciting world. On the other hand, if you prefer a musical experience, treat yourself to the jazz concert at the Teatro Mazzacorati or the symphonic concert at the Teatro Auditorium Manzoni where the renowned German conductor Hartmut Haenchen will be taking the audience on an unforgettable sound journey.


Plenty of fun opportunities for kids too: if you are a film fan, don't miss the matinees at the Odeon cinema to enjoy a movie while indulging in a delicious breakfast. Give a chance to the workshops organised at the Archaeological Museum, or book a guided tour to see the exhibition 'Marino's Favourites. Chapter I": choose one of the five thematic routes available and delve into a magical realm between art and science proposed by the Golinelli Foundation.


Whether through the small gems nestled in the mountains and the Imola area or across the hidden treasures of the flatlands, a trip to the Bolognese villages is sure to fill your soul and palate with gastronomic excellence.



With fine weather and milder climate, carving out some time to be in contact with nature is always a great idea! There are many paths you can take in Bologna, even if only partial ones, starting from the city centre such as the Sentiero dei Bregoli, Cammino per San Luca, Sentiero CAI 904, the Via dei Gessi e dei Calanchi and the Colli Bolognesi, the Via del Fantini; or you may opt to walk the entire route, extending your stay and setting off along the Via degli Dei, the Via della Lana e della Seta, and the Gothic Line.

Which one will you choose?

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