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Gothic Line

Updated on 27 February 2020 From Comune di Bologna

The Gothic Line is a path of over 200 km that can be discovered on foot but also by bicycle and on horseback. The route, which crosses the entire Bologna Apennines from Scaffaiolo Lake to the Vena del Gesso Park, provides you with splendid views to admire and allows you to examine the history that characterized this area during the Second World War in depth as well as learn about the traditions and typical products of the Bologna mountains.

Symbolic places along the way include Monte Sole, which stands out inside the Historic Regional Park. Over 700 civilians and partisans lost their lives here at the hand of the Germans and some trenches are still visible to this day.  Another point of interest is Mount Adone which was used as a fortress by the men of the Third Reich until it wasconquered in April 1945 marking a significant turning point for the liberation of Bologna. 

Mount Battaglia is, instead, the location of one of the war’s bloodiest events: between September 27th and October 11th 1944, the Italians and Americans fought alongside each other against the Germans.Here, we can admire a monument to the Resistance inaugurated in 1988 during the International Day of Peace and a bronze plaque commemorating the Germans who died. Along the way, you can also visit the Gothic Line Museum which has been illustrating the history of this Line since 1978 displaying over 2000 artefacts. 

Livergnano, a hamlet of Pianoro, has also had many connections with the Great War as, after five gruesome days of fighting, it was taken from the Germans in October 1944.The German Army stations and monuments commemorating the fallen can still be visited.

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