Porticoes of Piazza Cavour, Bologna Welcome CC BY 4.0

Art & Culture

Discover the rich artistic tradition between past and present out of town

Start your journey to explore the trompe l’oeil landscapes of the plain, the colourfully painted walls of Dozza, the synergy between art and nature in the Apennines and the rich cultural agenda of Bologna, with its University and its 40 km long Porticoes, declared as UNESCO World Heritage site. In an overwhelming blend between cinema, museums, exhibitions and festivals, art and culture can be experienced everywhere.


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Affresco Collezioni Comunali d'Arte, BolognaAffresco Collezioni Comunali d'Arte, Bologna

Art and Culture within the Territory

Culture embraces the entire territory of Bologna, with villages, castles and historic buildings becoming the stage for art and cinema all year round, hosting museums, exhibitions and festivals. The splendid Pieve di Cento is home to the Magi'900 Museum, with its collection of contemporary art. On the way to Imola, the town of Dozza, dominated by an ancient mediaeval fortress, hosts the "Biennale del Muro Dipinto" (Biennial Exhibition of Painted Walls), and going up towards the Apennines, a few kilometres from the mediaeval village of La Scola, you'll come across Luigi Ontani's Fountain, donated by the artist to the town of Vergato. Finally, the two souls of past and present art converge in Bologna, with the Pinacoteca Nazionale and MAMbo, not to mention the fair par excellence, Arte Fiera. Bologna is also the city of cinema, with its nerve centre represented by the Cineteca, within the Manifattura delle Arti, where the "Il Cinema Ritrovato" festival takes place every year.

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