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Must-attend autumn exhibitions

Posted on 17 October 2022 From Bologna Welcome

An exceptionally varied exhibition season is coming up in autumn, with art events spanning the most diverse styles and periods: from antiquity to the present day, from great pictorial art to photography.

1. The Painters of Pompeii – Archaeological Museum

Among the most eagerly-awaited exhibitions, "The Painters of Pompeii", hosted at the Archaeological Museum, offers an unprecedented perspective into the tastes and values of an ancient world that still exerts an irresistible fascination around us. Visitors will indeed be able to observe the marvellous frescoes that once adorned the ancient Roman domus of Pompeii. More than 100 masterpieces from the world's largest and best-known gallery of antiquity, the Archaeological Museum of Naples, will be on display for the occasion.

2. Julius II and Raphael. A new Renaissance season in Bologna - Pinacoteca

The exhibition-event promoted by the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna seeks to focus on some of the most significant phases of the Bolognese Renaissance. Among the masterpieces of Renaissance portraiture, it will be possible to take a look at Raphael's portrait of Julius II. The exhibition unfolds along the Renaissance wing of the Pinacoteca following an itinerary where the museum's permanent masterpieces will be interacting with outstanding new loans.

3. The Floating Collection - Mambo

The Floating Collection, on the other hand, open to the public from 27 October, stems from the aspiration to study the extremely varied collections of Bologna's museums, alongside the Settore Musei Civici di Bologna and other city museum systems through the eyes of six of today's most prominent contemporary artists: Alex Ayed (Strasbourg, 1989), Rä di Martino (Rome, 1975), Cevdet Erek (Istanbul, 1974), David Jablonowski (Bochum, 1982), Miao Ying (Shanghai, 1985), Alexandra Pirici (Bucharest, 1982). 

4. Steve McCurry. Animals – Palazzo Belloni

In the setting of Palazzo Belloni, the unbreakable bond between humans and animals will be brought to light through 60 iconic shots by the renowned American photographer Steve McCurry. The "Animals" project originated in 1992 when McCurry went to the war zones in the Gulf area on a mission to document the disastrous environmental and wildlife impact in the conflict areas.

5. De Chirico e l'oltre – Palazzo Pallavicini 

Right in the heart of historic Bologna, Palazzo Pallavicini will be hosting a major exhibition dedicated to the master of metaphysical painting, Giorgio de Chirico. The exhibition will bring together a prestigious corpus of over seventy works by one of the most influential and recognised painters of the Italian 20th century. 

6. Roberto Ferri – Palazzo Pallavicini 

Great consideration will also be given to the second exhibition hosted by Palazzo Pallavicini, focussing on the leading exponent of a refined figuration of Caravaggesque influence, Roberto Ferri. From 20 October, fascinating Baroque evocations will enchant visitors through a series of sixty unique works - forty oils on canvas and twenty drawings - representative of the artist's visual aesthetics.

7. Fiat Lux- Palazzo Fava

Palazzo Fava will be opening its doors to works from the Art and History Collections of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio in Bologna with the exhibition Fiat Lux. Little-known works, some even unpublished, along with archives and cadeaux, should not be regarded as dusty and inaccessible repositories, but rather as sources to be constantly drawn on. The exhibition's main aim is precisely to shed light on all those works that have remained in the dark for far too long.

8. Giambattista Piazzetta - Palazzo Fava

Palazzo Fava will also be hosting an exhibition dedicated to Giambattista Piazzetta. One of the most important Venetian painters of the 18th century, Piazzetta left his hometown only once to travel to Bologna and engage with the works of the Bolognese masters. Through the work of the Venetian painter, however, not only does this exhibition offer the possibility of discovering lesser-known relations between Venice and Bologna, but it also allows the visitor to approach figurative media, such as engraving, still largely unknown to many.

Jago, Banksy, TvBoy and other countercultural stories

Palazzo Albergati in Bologna is hosting some of the most provocative, non-conformist and revolutionary works of our time, with  over 60 masterpieces on display by the likes of Jago, Banksy, TvBoy and others. 

10.   Enrico Lombardi. Time Lines – Museo Magi ‘900 (Pieve di Cento)

The MAGI '900 museum is also contributing to the area's exhibition season by presenting a series of works by Enrico Lombardi, an Italian writer and painter with over 40 years of experience in Italy and abroad. As part of this presentation, he retraces and reinterprets the main 'timelines' of his research over the past decades with a view to setting the record straight on those works that previously had no complete explanation. 

11. Image Capital – MAST 

Staged at the MAST foundation, the IMAGE CAPITAL exhibition delves into the role of photography and the way it has changed and evolved over time. Through a complex journey combining photographs, videos, archival objects, 3D simulations and other materials, the aim of the exhibition is to depict how images are conditioning the very shape of the world we live in.

 Ⓒ Unknown Phototographer, Kodak Historical Collection

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