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Must-see autumn exhibitions

Posted on 05 November 2021 From Bologna Welcome

Exhibitions are back in town! Check out the autumn highlights: 

After a lengthy awaiting period of anticipations and rumours, new exhibitions and shows have finally landed in the city to keep us company for the next few months.

A quietly delayed start to the season, which is nevertheless filling up palaces and exhibition venues as we have not seen for a long time, with exhibitions ranging from urban to great art, including unique personalities and new experiences for all tastes and ages.

1) Giovanni Boldini - Palazzo Albergati 

"Lo sguardo nell'anima" is the anthological exhibition dedicated to the artist whose uniqueness in exalting female beauty and revealing the most intimate and mysterious souls of the noble protagonists of his time is unequalled. Feminine charm, sumptuous and rustling dresses, the Belle Époque, the salons: all this will be displayed for you to savour in the setting of Palazzo Albergati, now a consolidated home of successful art exhibitions in Bologna.

2) Dicono di lei - Archaeological Museum

A brand new exhibition at the Archaeological Museum for you to read, to see, to touch and listen to. "Dicono di lei" (About her) is a multimedia path that combines audio and visual elements in a journey through Bologna's most iconic places as described by some of the great writers who have lived in or visited the city. Samuele Bersani, Alessandro Haber and many others will be giving voice to Dante, Goethe, Byron, Hesse, Melville and Dickens.

3) Frida Kahlo. The experience - Palazzo Belloni

A 360-degree exhibition on Frida Kahlo's life, characterised by a difficult physical condition combined with a strong capacity for reaction and resilience in the face of adversity. The halls of Palazzo Belloni will recreate the environments, display clothes and project many multimedia and interactive contents which will draw the audience deep into Frida's world.

4) Minima infinita - Magi '900 Museum (Pieve di Cento)

The Bolognese territory is once again the centre of attention with a new exhibition at MAGI. Minima Infinita is a collection of works deemed "minimal" because of their small format and yet considered extraordinarily intense and potentially "infinite", just as the frontiers of artistic research are unlimited and the passion of collectors is boundless.

5) Bolognese motorbikes from 1950-1960 - Museum of Industrial Heritage

The exhibit features 32 motorbikes of the most important brands of the decade, together with films from the Istituto Luce and period images that complete the itinerary between production and racing.

6) Hidden canals in Bologna in the twentieth century - Opificio delle Acque 

Water has always played a key role in Bologna: through the photographs on display, visitors can rediscover the canals and waterways that shaped the city's urban planning up until the beginning of the twentieth century.

7) Jurassic Experience - DumBO

A spectacular immersive experience will take visitors back millions of years in time: within the area of the popular event venue "DumBO", more than 20 life-size dinosaurs will come to life in their natural habitat.

8) Real bodies experience - Palazzo Pallavicini

An exciting journey beyond the limits of the human body, from mummies to cyborgs. Visitors will live unique experiences in virtual reality and observe human anatomy up close, along with a sensational discovery of bio-mechanics and robotics thanks to a detailed audio guide.

9)    Antonio Canova and Bologna. At The origins of the National Gallery

In occasion of the national celebrations for Canova's bicentenary in 2022, the Archaeological Civic Museum of Bologna has inaugurated an unique exhibition about the historical connection between Antonio Canova, one of the most famous italian sculptur, and Bologna city.


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