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Things to do and see for free in Bologna

Posted on 05 March 2020 From Bologna Welcome

Are you looking for a free exhibition or museum in the city? Would you like to visit the university, the places of cultural and student life free of charge? In Bologna you have many possibilities and free places to visit. Here’s a list of 5 unmissable spots!

You can start from the Wax Museum “Luigi Cattaneo”: inside this free museum, you will discover a nineteenth- century anatomical wax models collection that will teach you everything about human body.

Still on the subject of the university, move to the Archiginnasio where you will explore the beautiful courtyard, the decorated walls with thousands of coat of arms that once belonged to students and professors, and climb the stairs admiring the palace’s sixteenth-century beautiful architecture.

The last place you should not miss if you wish to live the city like a real student or a local is for sure the Salaborsa Library: a cultural and multimedia place inside Palazzo d’Accursio, a covered square, by many believed to be the true heart of Bologna. Beneath the crystal floor you can see the ruins of the Roman Bononia.

If you are an art lover, consider visiting the ONO private art gallery that always offers new modern art and photography exhibitions, often centred around music and fashion. There are also books, design objects and clothes, documentaries, music and vinyl. 

Finally, do not miss the churches, the historic and cultural pearls hidden behind every corner of the old town. From San Petronio to Santo Stefano, from San Domenico to San Luca; each one of these buildings will amaze you thanks to their unique architecture and the precious pieces of art preserved in their interior.


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