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NOT JUST POP ART! Works of the sixties from the MAGI’900 collection

From: 6/10/2018 - To: 13/01/2019

Via Rusticana A/1

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Date of last update: 30/11/2018, 15:13

Radical, playful, dramatic, unprejudiced, captivating, politicising, inconvenient, decorative, elegant, minimalist, kitsch…

In the collective imagination, the international art scene of the sixties was all about experimentation and reacting to the inheritance of the past. But, while it is true that in that decade artists in the United States and Europe came up with new ways of conceiving the role of the image in art and life, it is undeniable that the break with the post-war period was not total.

This fact inspires an intense, heterogeneous exhibition featuring a selection of over a hundred works of art by the same number of artists from MAGI’900’s vast permanent collection, recalling that, alongside the movements and names that have gone down in history (thanks in part to their growing success on the art market), there were also countless others, in a polyphony of artistic idioms perfectly representing the climate of the day, one of total openness and germinating creativity.

  • From: 6/10/2018
  • To: 13/01/2019