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Matteo Fato, Stare a Cavaliere durante il giorno e nella notte

From: 29/01/2019 - To: 22/02/2019

Direzione Generale Banca di Bologna

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Date of last update: 25/02/2019, 15:02

The exhibition centers on two landscape paintings of different sizes, both painted en plein air during Fato’s stay in Pereto (Abruzzo region). The larger one is based on a daytime view of the surrounding countryside, described in broad brushstrokes and colors so bold that they border on abstraction. The smaller one shows the same landscape at night, in a darker spectrum.

Each of these paintings is accompanied by its own “double”: another portion of canvas with brushstrokes from the same palette, which create a mirror echo of the main work. The two pairs of paintings are displayed on their packing cases, which acquire a completely different function upon entering the exhibition space.

  • From: 29/01/2019
  • To: 22/02/2019

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