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L'arte con lo sguardo all'insù

From: 17/09/2018 - To: 13/10/2018

Salaborsa, Palazzo d'Accursio - Bologna

Phone +39 3289030386

Reference maps: D - 4

Date of last update: 25/09/2018, 10:15

Between 17th September and 13th October 2018, Palazzo d’Accursio hosts “L'arte con lo sguardo all'insù”, an original photographic exhibition that has the objective of making people discover the artistic gems featured by historic buildings, taking visitors to discover ceilings, vaults and frescoed domes.

An exhibition by Giuseppe Porisini dedicated to the marvellous artworks that adorn the walls of basilicas and villas, conceived as the maximum expression of art and architecture.

The initiative is part of a wider project that features a thematic virtual museum as well as exhibitions, events and workshops for the promotion of popular culture and traditions. Voltecupolesoffitti.it is an integrated system focused on the realities that operate directly and indirectly within the scope of the conservation, promotion and fruition of the cultural heritage.

For further information: www.voltecupolesoffitti.it

  • From: 17/09/2018
  • To: 13/10/2018

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