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From: 8/04/2017 - To: 9/04/2017

Teatro Il Celebrazioni

Via Saragozza, 234 - Bologna

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“Hair”, the rock musical which celebrates the hippie pacifist culture and sexual revolution of the 1960s, gets back on stage to tell the story of a group of young activists living in New York in 1968. On stage great hits such as “Aquarius”, “Donna” and “Let The Sun Shine In” will accompany a generation struggling against the  conservative society their parents belong to and against Vietnam war.  
A talented cast composed of more than thirty artists, who will sing and play live, makes Hair a unique performance.

Il Celebrazioni, 8 - 9 April 2017
HAIR Let The Sun Shine In
A production M.A.S. Music Arts and Show and All Entertainment
musical direction: Fabio Serri
direction: Matteo Gastaldo

Further information and updates on www.teatrocelebrazioni.it

  • From: 8/04/2017
  • To: 9/04/2017