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Top rainy day Children's activities in Bologna

Updated on 03 November 2022 From Bologna Welcome

Visiting a city for the first time with your children is always an amazing experience.

But what to do in Bologna in rainy weather?

The rain that gently drizzles down on the UNESCO Porticoes in Bologna, creating an unusual concert of nature, is a fantastic opportunity to experience the city from a new perspective.

Enjoying the city's art

From the children's section of the MAMbo Museum of Contemporary Art, where children are involved in fun and educational activities, over the Geology and Palaeontology Collection of the University Museum System, where young tourists can recognise some of the rarest and most fascinating specimens, including the 26-metre-long, four-metre-high model of a Jurassic dinosaur, to the Museum of the History of Bologna and its surprising multimedia and sensory journey through 2500 years of history, Bologna's cultural offer is so versatile it ever fails to impress! 

Just a few kilometres outside the city, you can taste ice cream at the Carpigiani Museum and learn how to do you perfect gelato.

And if you are not bothered by the rain, consider visiting the painted village of Dozza for a breathtaking experience. Starry skies, watery expanses, and colourful characters are just some of the artistic highlights you will find on the walls of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

There are always plenty of exhibitions to attend in the town, including many suitable events for younger explorers, so why not have a look here?

© Carpigiani Museum

Getting to know the city through augmented reality

The fascinating medieval history of Bologna and its countless towers can be relived through the meticulous and extremely faithful reconstruction of the Virtual Museum Time Machine. Suitable for children aged 8 years and over, all you have to do is put on the visor to jump down from the Asinelli Tower, come across an ancient craftsman's workshop or listen to the dialogues of the ancient inhabitants of Bologna. Children, and adults with them, are sure to be impressed!

An afternoon of literature and art

Is there anything more relaxing and interactive than reading a story together (perhaps about Bologna), in a colourful environment, sheltered from the rain? Don't miss the Sala Borsa Library, a multimedia space coming with two sections for children divided by age (0-12 years and newborn). Amongst poufs, illustrated books and small screens, relaxing is never too much fun! Mothers will also find a welcoming space for breastfeeding and using the reserved child-friendly toilets.

If you feel like treating yourself to an afternoon of artistic stimulation with shows and stories, the perfect destination for the little ones is the Testoni Theatre. Only a few steps away from the historic centre, just check out what's on and book seats for the whole family


© Testoni Theatre 

Making science by chance

Dreaming of becoming an internationally famous inventor and discovering a device that will change people's lives forever? Guglielmo Marconi proved capable of achieving such dream, and at Villa Griffone, in the eponymous museum, you can get to know his story and why not...draw inspiration for your next invention!

If you feel like learning more about the history of radio, musical instruments, cinema, songs, telephones, TV and computers, you can always visit the Museum of Communication " Mille voci e Mille suoni" (A Thousand Voices and A Thousand Sounds)"

At the Opificio Golinelli you can join one of the many educational workshops on offer: between science, creativity and interactivity, children can experience their own inventions first-hand, understanding their educational processes and their value to society

Finding out how a clock works

Step by step, you can reach the hall of the clock mechanism of the Clock Tower (also known Torre dell'Orologio), right in Piazza Maggiore. This is where the enchantment of wheels, bolts and pendulums moving harmoniously comes into being. Why don't you try to count the ticks: how many can you hear?

After observing all sides of the mechanism and taking a look at the historic sundial, open your umbrella and make sure you don't miss the panoramic terrace for a close-up view of the enormous hands of the clock of Palazzo d'Accursio. Here, the view over Bologna is breathtaking

©Giorgio Bianchi per Comune di Bologna 

Playing in amusement parks

Between food-themed rides and farm animals, fun is guaranteed for children and their caregivers. Luna Farm is located in the Fiera area, easily accessible by bus or car. Enjoy your moments of happiness among the various attractions in the playground!

Counting the Arches on a little train to San Luca

The San Luca Express, the little red and blue train that goes choo-choo, also leaves from Piazza Maggiore. Where is it going? It travels through the historic centre and up to the Sanctuary of San Luca, passing by the longest UNESCO Portico in the world. How many arches can you count up to the top?

Playing at the Beautiful Gallery

The Beautiful Gallery will be an unparalleled experience for the whole family. Colourful, interactive and super photogenic, this interactive art experience, one of the most original of its kind in Italy, offers a new way of experiencing art in a fully immersive way. Don't forget to take a photo here!

© Beautiful Gallery

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