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June in Bologna: it’s movie time!

Posted on 07 June 2021 From Bologna Welcome

June is coming, summer is around the corner and it’s already movie time in Bologna, to be enjoyed strictly outdoors, lulled by the gentle breeze of a fresh night while watching a restored classic movie or a newcomer at one of the city’s venues. 

The upcoming season will be inaugurated by Biografilm Festival | International Celebration of Lives with a rich programme of shows, meetings and events from the 14th of June. Biografilm Festival is the cinematic event dedicated to life stories that since 2005 offers dozens of films a day, this year both live and online. Don't miss the live films in two beautiful locations such as the historic Cinema Medica Palace, a stone's throw from Piazza Maggiore and the Cloister of Santa Cristina, in Giorgio Morandi.

From the 23th of June, let’s welcome the so-named “cinema più bello del mondo” (the world’s most stunning cinema), i.e. the Sotto le Stelle del Cinema, the series of films screened in the beautiful Piazza Maggiore, duly equipped with big screen and seats. Live a unique and priceless experience while watching a film during a summer night, seeing is believing! The full programme, to be released a few days before the starting date, will be available on the Cineteca’s website

A second location on the outskirts will be added to the main venue of Piazza Maggiore again this year: the gardens Lunetta Gamberini. 

Sotto le Stelle del Cinema will be keeping you company for most of the summer with the star week of the Cinema Ritrovato scheduled for July. All information, including the pre-programme, is available on the website. 

And what about going over the great movie locations and scenic design of Pasolini’s and Pupi Avati’s works? 

Retrace these symbolic places with Gian Luca Farinelli, director of Cineteca di Bologna, and find out the immortal relationship between Bologna and the cinema…. especially in the summer. 



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