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Updated on 10 July 2023 From Bologna Welcome

Accompanying us on the Promenade

Linda Cavicchi, tour guide, cyclist and environmentalist. Head of the tourism sector for Sustenia, a company that deals with the management of protected areas and local tourism promotion for the Bolognese plains.

We love bike tours. Which cycle routes do you recommend?

Sun Route

Part of the long Eurovelo 7 route that crosses Europe, passing through Emilia. The Sun Route follows the Bologna-Verona railway and is suitable for families and all kinds of sports since it also has bike-train connections. Discover hidden gems such as the Romanesque parish church of Sala Bolognese, the Borgo Rotondo, i. e. the historic centre of San Giovanni in Persiceto, and murals by Gino Pellegrini. Also, look out for white storks in Crevalcore, before continuing on to Castle of the Pico in Mirandola, near Modena. 

Santerno Cycle Route

As you cross the valley of the Santerno river, walk through the vines of Mordano all the way to the centuries-old chestnut groves of Castel del Rio near Imola. The route has 5 stages totalling 43.6 kilometres of sheer adventure across the rolling hills and steepsided silver ridges of the Vena del Gesso Romagnola Regional Park. Enjoy exploring the area, known for its lush greenery, its culture and culinary traditions. On the way, catch your breath at the Church of San Prospero Vescovo, the historic centre of Imola, or the Alidosi Bridge and Palazzo Alidosi.

Bologna Montana Bike Area “BOM.B.A”

All mountain bike, handbike and tandem enthusiasts know how important it is to carefully choose routes and consider the terrain, fast jumps and descents, banked turns and technical stretches. The Bologna Montana Bike Area in the Bolognese Apennines meets all these requirements: it offers many routes of varying length that can be enjoyed in all seasons, from the Loiano to the Benji Trail, and also two cycling-hiking loop routes, All-in and All Star, suitable for people with disabilities.

Are you ready for an adventure?

Parks Cycle Routes

These are ten cycle routes within the parks and nature reserves of the Emilia-Romagna region. Three of the routes run through several parks in the Bologna area, such as the Abbazia di Monteveglio Regional Park, the Monte Sole Historical Park, and the Gessi Bolognesi and Calanchi dell’Abbadessa Park. These routes include trails with varying degrees of difficulty, suitable for everyone and accessible by bike, mountain bike and on foot. They are an opportunity to enjoy nature, stunning scenery, and outstanding cultural and artistic heritage.

Navile Cycle Route

The Navile canal was built in the 12th century to connect Bologna to Venice: if you go along this cycle route that runs along it, you will come to the municipalities of Castel Maggiore and Bentivoglio, where the Bentivoglio family castle is located, complete with nearby mill, and then on to Malalbergo. Along the route is the ecological rebalancing area “Ex Risaia”, one of the most important wetland areas in the central-eastern plain and home to pink flamingos and many other protected species.

On the Trail of the Etruscans Cycle Route

Not only a cycle route, but also a historical journey to explore important Etruscan sites. The Etruscans left a remarkable cultural legacy in the Po Valley and in central Tuscany. The route is 232 kilometres long and takes 10 days to complete. From Valli di Comacchio (FE) to Piombino (LI) you will cross the Bologna stretch, with the towns of Budrio, Villanova di Castenaso and its ancient traces of Villanova's civilisation, Bologna, Sasso Marconi and Marzabotto, where you can visit the Etruscan city of Kainua and Grizzana Morandi.

Reno Cycle Route

The Reno River has always been a landmark in the plains around Bologna as it winds along, with banks and embankments built to prevent it from overflowing: a cycle route now goes along it, allowing cyclists to visit various municipalities, including Pieve di Cento, known as the “Little Bologna” due to its rich artistic and architectural heritage. On the north bank of the river, you can view the ecological rebalancing area “La Bisana” and then go down again towards the mouth of the river. 

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