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Bicipolitana Bologna

Updated on 10 July 2023 From Bologna Welcome

In Bologna, travelling and getting around is increasingly sustainable and in contact with nature because there is the Bicipolitana Bologna.

What is Bicipolitana Bologna?

Bologna's Bicipolitana is Italy’s first metropolitan cycling network, with more than 1,000 km of routes and two main networks for everyday and leisure travel, aimed at reducing climatechanging emissions and increasing the sustainability.

It consists of 34 lines:

  • 20 of which are for everyday travel
  • 14 lines are dedicated to cycle tourism via, among others, the Sun Route.

As of today, about 40% of the network is realised, of which 75% on protected lanes and the rest on shared lanes (cycle lanes, 30 zones, predominantly cycle roads), and work is in progress with the goal to complete by 2030.

One of the aims of the Bicipolitana project is to allow citizens to travel their everyday routes fully independently and safely, along defined and marked cycling routes, but also to encourage visitors and cyclists to explore the distinctive natural attractions of the metropolitan area, rediscovering a new way of getting around and travelling.

Discovering Bologna and its precious territory is even easier thanks to a network of bicycle racks and stations, built and in the planning stage, designed to facilitate cycling to and from the city.

Find out where to park your bike on the map

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