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Cycling track of Villa Spada Sabbiuno

Updated on 04 March 2020 From Comune di Bologna

This cycle path leads to splendid locations such as Villa Spada, just a few steps from the old town, and the Parco dei Calanchi di Sabbiuno, in a journey through the most important places and historical events that distinguish the Bolognese hills. Take a few hours and plunge into in an amazing nature without getting away from Bologna!

As anticipated, the starting point are Villa Spada and its park, a wonderful green area just outside Porta Saragozza. Proceeding along Via Casaglia you will reach San Pellegrino Park, where you can espy the Longhena School deep in the green hills. Then, after passing through Cavaioni Park, one of the largest within the Bolognese hills, you will finally reach the crossroads of San Luca.

At this point you may opt for climbing the roofed arcades that lead to the Sanctuary, or for following the original path until the Parco dei Calanchi di Sabbiuno, where you can admire the typical geological conformation of the territory or get inspired by the war memorial, recalling the cruel vicissitudes of the partisan resistance.

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