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The Flatlands

The Bolognese plains, a fertile and productive land from an agricultural point of view, has for centuries been a production area for hemp and silk, thus fuelling the city's commercial routes. Evidence of this past activity is the rich collection displayed at the Museum of Rural Life of Bentivoglio (Museo della Civiltà Contadina di Bentivoglio), as well as a precious heritage of buildings, castles, mills and villas of the families of land-owners, which can be discovered by following the waterways of the Plains, first and foremost the  Navile Canal.

This area remained predominantly marshy for centuries. Although reclaimed for cultivation, this natural environment is still witnessed by a number of nature reserves, which are perfect to discover by bicycle or on foot. One and for all the Oasi La Rizza (La Rizza nature reserve), where the white stork nests.

Here, the famed Green Asparagus of Altedo grows wild; its delicacy was recognized as far back as Roman times.