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Bologna (BO)

Date of last update: 23/04/2018, 17:51

Walking under the arcades or along the streets of Bologna, in the center as well in the suburbs, you'll notice many ice cream shops. The Bolognesi love sweets but do not accept any product: they appreciate the quality and it is for this reason that in the city the handcrafted ice cream shops are so widespread.
The ice cream, a product that is consumed throughout the year, is made in a lot of flavors and it is therefore difficult if not impossible to suggest a recipe. But it is possible to know the history of this tradition (age-long) visiting the Carpigiani Gelato Museum, built by the industry with the same name that produces 'machines to make ice cream' become a famous brand all over the world. A visit to this interesting place promotes the knowledge of the history of the tasty product but also offers the opportunity to enjoy an ice cream or even to learn how to do it!