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Unforgettable Childhood | Infanzia indimenticabile

Group Show Curated by Ermanno Tedeschi

From: 19/03/2019 - To: 20/05/2019

Via Valdonica 1/5

Phone +390512911280

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Date of last update: 29/05/2019, 11:06

More than sixty Italian and Israeli artists talk about the theme of childhood, an unforgettable phase of life, both for pleasant and joyful memories and for the most painful and sad ones.

Children have always been represented in the world of literature and the history of art, portraits of the childhood condition in all its facets. This group show wants to provide a cross-section of childhood and adolescence seen by different artistic sensibilities, to reflect on Childhood as an indelible phase of everyone's life.

A collective exhibition in which works of painting, sculpture, photography, drawing and video coexist, different expressive forms but with a common denominator: the human being in progress, from the concept of childhood and play as a moment of everyday life, to the theme of motherhood, to remember the past and build the future. The materials and techniques used are also different: from fabrics to cork, from adhesive tape to metals and wood.

  • From: 19/03/2019
  • To: 20/05/2019

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