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La donazione Mario Bonazzi

From: 27/10/2018 - To: 9/12/2018

Via Farini 15, Bologna

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The exhibition dedicated to the artistic career of Mario Bonazzi and to the generous donation from the painter’s son, Tiziano Bonazzi - made up of ten paintings which add to the four already owned by Fondazione Carisbo’s Artistic and Historical Collection - will be inaugurated at Casa Saraceni on Friday 26th October 2018 at 5pm.

The exhibition is curated by Pierluca Nardoni and Angelo Mazza and constitutes an incredible testimony to Bonazzi's work. It also features a series of paintings from private collections, a first for the Fondazione. The decision was taken to stress the relevance of a painter long considered almost invisible but who was actually appreciated in life by critics such as Francesco Arcangeli, Rezio Buscaroli, Ferruccio Giacomelli and Adriano Baccilieri.  The fifty works of art (paintings and graphic pieces) part of the exhibition illustrate the artistic evolution in the footsteps of the great Giorgio Morandi.

  • From: 27/10/2018
  • To: 9/12/2018

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