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The world's nicest Ring Around the Rosie

The nicest world record is called...Ring Around the Rosie!

Date: 19/10/2019

FICO - Via Paolo Canali, 8

Date of last update: 21/10/2019, 17:59

On Saturday, October 19th join the best ring around the rosie of adults and children. Workshops, games, bubbles, and fun for a day of sharing, learning about the earth, caring for others, looking at each other face-to-face in a circle and feeling like children again, laughing and smiling without even knowing each other.

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Program to be updated:

11:30 am | Forno di Calzolari
Snack with Gino
Snack for all children with:

Cookies from Forno Calzolari (mixed and chocolate)
1 glass of Rosina apple juice
1 small Gino to take care of
During the snack, the master bakers of Forno Calzolari will tell you how bread and cookies are made and will give you some Gino starter yeast that you can take care of together with your parents.

  • Date: 19/10/2019