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From: 24/11/2017 - To: 6/05/2018

Palazzo Belloni - Via Barberia, 19 Bologna

Phone +39 051 583439

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“Maybe, in front a wall, we've never thought about all of this. But here's the wall becoming art”
Carlo Valentini on ItaliaOggi

The Wall, cultural, archetypal and surface object, is the centrepiece of the new exhibition "the WALL" presented by con-fine Art srl.

“the WALL” takes visitors on a journey around and inside the Wall, overcoming its two-dimensional static nature to explore a path of history, art and multi-media installations.
It begins from the selfsame symbol of incompatibility and exclusion, and makes it the protagonist of a cultural discovery operation, which opens up multiple perspectives.
The visitor - no longer an stationary spectator - is left free to actively explore multimedia installations in a space amplified by technological and creative solutions.

The exhibition is part of Bologna Welcome Card network. A special discount will be applied to the Card holders. 

The numerous points of view referenced and summarized on a conceptual map handed out upon entry are not an "explanation", but rather an interpretation that can be consulted by interacting with light boxes present in each room.

The exhibition is an invitation to discover the psychological wall, the public wall, the functional wall, the social wall, the political wall, the expressive wall, and the wall of remembrance.

Each of these dimensions is explored through interactive installations that have been specially created for the exhibition and with themed artwork by artists of different ages, from Piranesi to Arnaldo Pomodoro, from Fontana to Christo, from Rotella to Pugliese, and from Pink Floyd to the Japanese artist Hitomi Sato.

Curated by Claudio Mazzanti
Creative director Patrizio Ansaloni
Multi-media installations by Loop

Further information and updates www.palazzobelloni.com

  • From: 24/11/2017
  • To: 6/05/2018

Tuesday and Wednesday: h. 10am - 7pm (the ticket office closes at 6pm)
Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday: h. 10am – 8pm (the ticket office closes at 7pm)

Special openings:

  • 1 April 2018
  • 2 April 2018
  • 25 April 2018
  • 1 May 2018

Holders of the Bologna Welcome Card € 9.50
Fast Lane Ticket € 19.00
Adult € 14.00
Children € 12,00
Free: children under 5 years
Group ticket price: € 10.00
University students € 7.00 (every Thursday)

the WALL