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Date: 19/10/2019

Via de’ Monari, 1/2

Phone +393334277402

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Science has proved that what we are is written in our DNA: a unique unrepeatable gene sequence that safeguards an original unexpressed potential. 

We are unique when we are born, but often we conform because it is convenient, because it is the norm and because we are afraid. This fear risks holding back our creative path to fulfil what we could become - or what we potentially already are - by destroying our possibilities.

We are unique human beings, waiting to reveal ourselves to the world. 

Our life is a thrilling search for that unique moment that can turn our illusions and dreams first into hope and then into reality. 

An exciting path that involves our identity and its construction towards the full realization of ourselves, which we venture on in an attempt to feel part of the history that relentlessly passes through our hands.

  • Date: 19/10/2019

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