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SetUp Contemporary Art Fair 2018


From: 1/02/2018 - To: 4/02/2018

Palazzo Pallavicini, Via San Felice 24 - Bologna

Date of last update: 11/07/2018, 16:27

For its sixth edition, SetUp Contemporary Art Fair renews itself, choosing Palazzo Pallavicini as its new venue. The choice of this new location - located in the heart of Bologna and dating back to the Renaissance period, confirms SetUP exceptional character, always at the forefront and bucking the trend of other trade fairs.
Palazzo Pallavicini is a sumptuous building, which used to be the home of an important European court. It was a real and unique palace, setting for parties, banquets, concerts, and housing important historical figures such as Princess Maria Carolina D'Asburgo in 1768, the emperor of Austria Joseph II in 1769, and a young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who performed in the splendid "Sala della Musica" on March 26th 1770.
Its majestic structure will be the splendid setting where SetUp 2018 will take place: the contemporary will mix with the past, projecting itself directly into the future, creating a combination of senses and perceptions for visitors.

The thirteen rooms of the venue will host 39 exhibitors, including 34 art galleries and 5 publishers, foundations and other organizations that support culture and art in Italy having a space dedicated entirely to them. The reduction in the number of exhibitors is a choice aimed at increasing the quality level of the exhibition proposals.

“Art grows here”
is the slogan that perfectly sums up exactly the spirit of SetUp Contemporary Art Fair. The changes and news of this 6th edition are the result of five years of continuous evolution and innovation.
SetUp prepares the basis for change, renewing itself each year, but at the same time, SetUp keeps its own identity alive and current. Its mission is to offer new horizons, to promote galleries that invest on emerging artists, to grow a new generation of collectors. The aim is to trigger a virtuous circuit between economy and culture, offering a meeting and exchange place for experts and fans of contemporary art. This is a very dear intent to SetUp, the will is to pursue it in order to enhance the territory through contemporary art as a tool of participation.

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  • From: 1/02/2018
  • To: 4/02/2018

Thursday 1 February 2018, 20.00 > 24.00

Public Hours:
Thursday, 21.00 > 24.00
Friday and Saturday, 16.00 > 24.00
Sunday, 11.30 > 22.00

Ticket 8 euro
Free entrance for children under 7 years old