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Ruggine - Rust

A photographic exhibition by Paolo Gotti

From: 16/12/2017 - To: 6/02/2018

Temporary Gallery di Paolo Gotti - Via Santo Stefano 91/a, Bologna

Date of last update: 21/02/2018, 15:19

The new exhibition project produced by the bolognese artist Paolo Gotti focuses on a the topic of the flow of time, memories, separations, absences, renunciations and broken dreams, through the highly poetic and emotional photographs taken in the forty years of travel around the world. Paolo Gotti has visited seventy countries in the five continents which he has taken with his camera.

  • From: 16/12/2017
  • To: 6/02/2018

from Tuesday to Sunday, 10am-12pm; 4pm-7pm