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Leonardo Da Vinci: science and political power in comparison

Date: 8/04/2019

Via Cartoleria, 42

Phone +39051 231836

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Date of last update: 15/04/2019, 09:16

The event will take place as a trial against Leonardo Da Vinci.

The participants will follow the process as if they were in a court of law, and will have the opportunity to express their opinion in terms of innocence or guilt in reference to the speakers who will perform on stage.

Among the speakers are prominent figures such as the Magnificent Rector of the University of Bologna, Dr. Roversi Monaco and the Honorable Di Pietro.

The target is to propose an evening dedicated to culture with a mission of heart: to help children with cancer.
In fact, the proceeds will be donated to FIEOP (Italian foundation of pediatric hematology oncology).

  • Date: 8/04/2019