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Date: 28/03/2018

Teatri di Vita

Parco dei Pini Via Emilia Ponente, 485 - 40132 Bologna (BO)

Phone +39 051 566330 - 333 466630

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Intimacy is a semi-serious discourse about our tendency to repeat the same patterns of behavior in relationships. Actors and the public know nothing about each other, yet they are both there, to seek with determination and love to build a relationship of mutual listening. This show, through a story perhaps of love between actors and audience, explores the search for a balance between the mutual willingness to let themselves be understood, surprised, listened to: in intimacy.

The show received the special mention of the recent Scenario Award, with this motivation: "Three actors engaged in monologues that can not become dialogue, to tell a universe of sentimental and generational relationships. It is stuck in the repetition compulsion, as a reflection of an unease that finds the viaticum in irony for a pressing research of attention. An irresistible text that benefits the easygoing presence of close-knit and efficient actors ".

28 March 2018

shared writing Amor Vacui
directed by Lorenzo Maragoni
with Andrea Bellacicco, Eleonora Panizzo, Andrea Tonin
dramaturgy Michele Ruol
within Interscenario 6 - Generations of the new

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  • Date: 28/03/2018

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under 30 (young people under 30) - € 9
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