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Gusto Nudo Festival 2019

The pleasure of finding something unknown

From: 2/05/2019 - To: 5/05/2019

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Date of last update: 06/05/2019, 09:21

Gusto Nudo Festival is a biennial event that combines the world of high quality agricultural production, especially wine in its most “natural” essence, with arts and culture.

Developed from the trade fair/exhibition experience for winegrowers, Gusto Nudo was established in Bologna in 2007 and is now at its 12th edition: from 2nd to 5th May 2019, for the second time as a Festival, it will take place in two locations: Serre dei Giardini Margherita (the Giardini Margherita greenhouses) and the Dopo Lavoro Ferroviario.

The slogan of this edition will be: “The pleasure of finding what you were not looking for”, a feeling that derives from being dominated by curiosity, by the desire to experience new things, by the courage to abandon yourself to the flow of senses and by the pleasure of abandoning yourself to chance. The two main locations will not be the only ones to be involved: inns, wineries and restaurants will also play a main role in the Festival.


  • From: 2/05/2019
  • To: 5/05/2019

9/3 e 6/4 - H 11.00 @Orto Botanico

Gusto Nudo Festival
2/5 from 17.00 @Serre Dei Giardini Margherita
3/5 - workshop! @Serre+Orto Botanico
4 e 5/5: Wine Fair @Parco DLF

Gusto Nudo Festival