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Giorgio Morandi

A family history

From: 20/12/2018 - To: 16/02/2019

Galleria d'Arte Maggiore g.a.m., via D'Azeglio 15, 40123, Bologna

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As the end of 2018 approaches, Galleria d'Arte Maggiore g.a.m. has saved for last the major exhibition of its designed plan to celebrate its first forty years of activity.

For this important goal, the gallery director Alessia Calarota curates a considerable Giorgio Morandi retrospective in the historical location of the gallery. Giorgio Morandi was immediately followed and supported with great attention by the founders Franco and Roberta Calarota. He is the painter who better embodies the promotion of the major artists from the XX century carried on by the gallery worldwide.

The exhibition features a selected group of oils, watercolors, drawings and etchings from the famous still lives to the refined vases of flowers and the solitary landscapes. They reveal all the quiet but deep pictorial innovation of Morandi between reality and abstraction as well as his influence in the vision of the more contemporary generations of artists.

For further information visit www.maggioregam.com

  • From: 20/12/2018
  • To: 16/02/2019

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