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Sotto San Luca

Via Claudio Treves, 42 - 40134 Bologna

Phone +39 051 436320 ; +39 389 8051398

Fax +39 051 3370618

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Date of last update: 31/07/2017, 17:43

Our family has converted, almost 10 years ago, a part of the own apartment,with independent entrance, to host all people who come to town. The setting is marvelous, and we are very proud of it: we live at the very foot of the Guardia Hill, where perhaps the most stunning attraction of Bologna lies: the San Luca Sanctuary. You can get there on foot (with a 30 minute walk, uphill) on the longest roofed arcade road of the world (666 arches, to be correct), where you will enjoy a breathtaking view of a metropolitan area of about one million inhabitants.

Opening time

all the year (up to 500 reservations)

How to get there

by bus: lines and timetables on the website www.tper.it

by car: ring road exit n. 1

Access to the historical center is restricted area, see > ZTL

  • rooms: 3
  • beds: 5
  • bathroom: 2
  • num. bathrooms esclusive: 2

For further details please contact directly the facility 

tourist tax

  • Lift
  • Frigo bar

Sotto San Luca