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Il Riparo dei Prendiparte

Piazza Prendiparte, 5 - 40125 Bologna

Phone +39 051 589023; +39 335 5616858

Fax +39 051 589023

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Date of last update: 03/03/2017, 14:37

It is right in the streets we walk on every day, among the familiar alleys of a town that we know like the back of our hand, that sometimes we can find something amazing, that can surprise us. Who would have thought, for instance, that in the heart of Bologna you can close a door behind you to isolate yourself from the rest of the world and live an unforgettable experience!
The Prendiparte Tower is located in the town center but is hidden by a tangle of alleys and bottlenecks. It is one of the few towers left, out of 100 towers that used to be in Bologna, one of the few ones that still stands over the roofs, while many other towers that were cut off during the centuries, during battles and feuds between families, have disappeared inside private luxurious courtyards or are hidden inside more recent buildings.
In the past few years the Tower has become an exclusive shelter (as its owner likes to call it) where you can stay overnight, with a Bed & Breakfast service, organize cocktails, music parties, gala dinners or informal meetings, guided tours, birthday parties, but also business lunches and private meetings, for a small number of people, that can vary according to the situation. Sometimes there are meetings to listen to a harp and a narrating voice, or to a spinet or a French horn, or to taste local products and at the same time listen to someone reading texts in dialect, or to taste chocolate while an actor plays Charles V, etc.
Of course sometimes the events are for a smaller group of people, due to the type of occasion, such as engagements or first wedding nights, marriage proposals or anniversaries, with a romantic dinner at candle light and an overnight stay for the couple. A unique and unforgettable present that a couple can buy for itself or can receive as a gift from friends and relatives. Or a company can decide to reward one of its best employees, with a night for a couple at the Prendiparte Tower, in this way involving also the partner, who has the merit of putting up with the tension and the engagements of the partner every day

Opening time

all the year (up to 500 reservations)

How to get there

by bus: lines and timetables on the website www.tper.it

by car: ring road exit n. 7 direction city center

Access to the historical center is restricted area, see > ZTL

  • rooms: 1
  • beds: 3
  • bathroom: 1
  • num. bathrooms common: 1

For further details please contact directly the facility 

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  • Frigo bar
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