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Brento, Badolo and Monte Adone

Pianoro, Sasso Marconi, Monzuno (BO)

Date of last update: 07/11/2018, 16:34

Brento is a small gem at the foothills of  Mount Adone, the highest rocky massif in the Contrafforte Pliocenico natural reserve, which still features traces of the Gothic Line.

The height of 655 metres and the unique towersforged by erosion and weather events make the mountain easily recognisable.
On clear days, the view stretches to the highest peaks of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines: Corno alle Scale, Cimone and Mount Cusna. At the foothills of the rock wall overlooking Valle del Setta, you will find the Grotta delle Fate, a narrow cleft 50 metres long obstructed by collapsed rocks. According to a popular legend, ethereal feminine figures (the fairies which the cleft is named after) fly up to the cave when there is a full moon.

Stratifications and shelters excavated by German soldiers during the Second World War convey a sense of uniqueness to the place, which is a true paradise for hikers and climbing enthusiasts for whom there are plenty of wide rocky walls at the nearby Rocca di Badolo (Sasso Marconi). 
Brento, Badolo and Mount Adone are just some of the enchanting places found along the Via degli Dei, an itinerary surrounded by the magic of the Apennines connecting Bologna to Florence.

By car : SP65  until via Monte Adone

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