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Parco di Villa Spada

Via di Casaglia, 3 - 40135 Bologna (BO)

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Date of last update: 15/06/2018, 11:05

The park has an extension of about 6 hectars on the mountain ridge situated between the river Meloncello and the Ravone. Groups of trees and grace alternate on the hillside of the Casaglia Hill that descends to Saragozza street. From the highest points (120 m), there are marvelous views to the historical down town framed by crowns of always green trees (oaks, cypress, laurel trees, pine trees, strawberry trees). On the right side of the main entrance, there is semi-natural forest with typical local species (manna ash, hop hornbeam, field maple, wild service tree, common hawthorn). According to a legend, the neo-medieval tower near by was used as a prison for the Risorgimento martyr Ugo Bassi before he was sentenced. The neoclassic villa was built by Zambeccari family at the end of 18th century. The architect G. B. Martinetti projected also a small garden in Italian style with terasses decorated with vases and sculptures. There is a big coat of arms of lords of Spada, owners of the villa that gave it their name. The villa houses now the Historical Didactic Museum of Tapestry.

The text taken from the website of the Salaborsa library.

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