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Giardino di Villa delle Rose

via Saragozza 232, 234 - 40135 Bologna (BO)

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At the entrance of the garden a magnificent staircase, composed of several flights, and a winding plane tree-lined avenue, lead to the villa going through the gentle slope. Built in the eighteenth century as the summer residence for the Cella family, the villa includes an elegant balcony boasting the panoramic view. A magnificent beech tree lies in the square in front of the house, surrounded by several sculptures spread throughout the garden dating back to the nineteeenth and early twentieth centuries . The most unique feature of the park, reaching out nearly two hectares along the slopes of the hill Della Guardia, is its ornamental garden. It includes evergreens mostly exotic trees, such as Spanish firs, yews, cypresses, cedars, magnolia, pines,  'Araucaria araucana' (monkey puzzle), hedges of Poncirus trifoliata, and an avenue of spectacular horse chestnut trees line . The villa was donated to the Municipality of Bologna in 1916, and became site of the Modern Art Gallery housing temporary art exhibitions.


Text taken from the website of Salaborsa library

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