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Open-air kiosks and chalets in Bologna parks

Updated on 04 June 2024 From Bologna Welcome

The city heat can prove unbearable. At times like these, what you need is to unplug for an evening or afternoon and take refuge in the coolness of nature.

Discover the perfect outdoor venue for a drink or snack 

©Ca' Shin, Parco Cavaioni

Montagnola Park

The city's oldest garden, full of history and monumental plane trees, offers music, entertainment and relax in the summer with the Frida kiosk bar, open daily from 8.30 am to 11 pm, and the Montagnola Republic, a winning combo of good food and great music.

©Frida nel Parco, Parco della Montagnola

Giardini Margherita Park

Bologna's best-known park, a vast green area a stone's throw from the city centre, is like a city within the city. Here you will be spoilt for choice for a beer, bubbly or tasty dinner between the chalet on the lake, open every day until one in the morning, and the numerous food trucks run by Pastis for drinks, Ragù and One (Ruggine) for typical cuisine and hamburgers, Sfarinà for piadinas, Bar Vegeta for vegetarian dishes. You will find them around the Gardens Playground, which comes alive with the evenings and sports events of the Gardens Sport Village programme. And don't forget the Serre at Giardini Margherita, where sustainability and innovation blend with good food and good company until midnight. 

Villa Cassarini Gardens

Along via Saragozza, strolling from the centre towards San Luca and the world's longest UNESCO portico, you will come across the majestic Porta Saragozza; just outside the door, immerse yourself in the small but lovely Villa Cassarini Gardens. A green space in the Saragozza area, the neighbourhood on the slopes of the Bolognese hills, where you can find Cassarini Summer, the Bolognese summer festival of food trucks, events and entertainment, available from 6pm until 31 July 2024.

©Casserini Summer

Villa Angeletti Park

Start your 6 o' clock  aperitif at Villa Angeletti Park in the Bolognina district, just outside the central station. Musical events of Fermento in Villa are always on stage here, and, if you get the urge to tantalise something, get the kiosks and bbers to feed yourself!

Paleotto Park

Climbing from Via Gaibara, on the slopes of the Bolognese hills, relax at the Paleotto Park, in the green and indoor spaces of the Paleotto11 cultural centre; here you will find activities for children and families, performing arts and an organic and vegetarian refreshment point, where the simplicity of eating and drinking blend with the coolness of the first hills of Bologna.

Cavaioni Park

A park in the Bolognese hills with an artificial pond, an old farmhouse, Villa Silvetta, transformed into Ca' Shin -a restaurant bar and adventure park suitable for children and families - and a kiosk where hot crescentine and cold beer are the undisputed protagonists.

Here, near via dei colli no 54, don't miss the new opening of Collywood in the Orto dei Giusti. You'll find stone and wrought-iron benches but also large expanses of grass where you can enjoy street-food and drinks from the chalets. Don't miss the rich programme of events, music and shows!

At no. 39, on the other hand, you may opt for a board of local products and homemade wines at the Spaccio Belfiore. The panoramic view of San Luca will surely enchant you!

©Antonio Salvatore, Colliwood

Further along Via di Sabbiuno, make your sunset even more delightful with a glass of wine and good music at the Collina delle Meraviglie, at no. 6. There will be snacks and fritters from the food truck at the bar and... don't miss events out. At number 4, on the other hand, the summer version of Comodo Hills reopens with Lumiera by Comodo Hills, between aperitifs and dinner the magic starts at 7pm. 

San Pellegrino Park and via di Casaglia

The park and the breathtaking views of the city and the Sanctuary of San Luca are located within easy reach via a walk along the CAI 914 path and accessible through 300 steps from via di Casaglia. Once again this year the park is hosting the Ai300scalini summer events where you will find street food and genuine drinks to accompany your perfect evening.

Continuing along via di Casaglia, why not stop for a picnic with barbecue at the new opening of Giardino Ebrezze?

Going up the road, turning onto Cavirola Street Il Campo di Fave awaits you for a healthy stop, where young farmers offer simple but good aperitifs, with products grown in the garden accompanied by excellent beers. Open from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. daily, closed in case of bad weather. 

© Ai300Scalini, Parco di San Pellegrino

Villa Ghigi Park

Well-known for trekking and beloved destination for jaunts not far from the city centre, Villa Ghigi hosts Eco della Prima Collina, a summer festival of musical events that will go hand in hand with the good food of the Casa del Custode. The atmosphere here is relaxing and serene, but prior booking is required!

It's not over yet! Many more proposals outside and inside the city

Check out the new Zigo and Zago kiosk at Giardini Fava, the Terrazza Lounge at Hotel dei Portici, Pontelungo Summer Festival in Parco Pontelungo, DEV Garden at Parco del Cavaticcio, Lido Ruggine at Giardino Klemlen, Corner Bar at Tenute Terre Rosse Vallania in Zola Predosa, Battirame 11 with the opening of the city vegetable garden.

Send us your report if your favourite place is missing from this list!

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