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Moving in a sustainable way in Bologna

Updated on 02 August 2023 From Bologna Welcome

In recent years, sustainable tourism has been garnering a great deal of interest from travellers sensitive to environmental issues. Bologna itself is not backing down, being abreast of the times and global changes. Even on the issue of reducing emissions and pollution in the city, more conscious choices can be made while moving around as a tourist.

Find out how to get around Bologna in a sustainable way 

By bike

Bologna and its landscapes are connected by excellent cycle paths that intersect to create the Bicipolitana Bolognese, a network of 14 lines dedicated to cycling tourism and 20 for daily trips. Among these, the flagship is the Ciclovia del Sole (Sun Route), part of Eurovelo 7 that connects Cape North with Malta, passing along the former Verona-Bologna railway line, with refuelling stations and scenic attractions well worth discovering.

To get around the city, on the other hand, you can rent a bike at eXtraBO, the outdoor information point in Piazza del Nettuno 1/ab. The service is subject to availability, starting at €12, also available online.

Alternatively, you can try and rent an e-bike through the RideMovi app, which provides dedicated parking spaces and a large coverage area for your commute.

Try car-sharing

In the city centre, traffic is limited by the ZTL, which means that you cannot access the old town with your own vehicles. You can easily escape this situation by using Corrente and Enjoy's ready-made car-sharing service.

A fleet of electric cars is yours to choose from if you use the Corrente app, with a hub at the bus station, or you may decide to rent an all-electric Enjoy car for your commute to and from the city.

A word of advice: the area outside the walls of Bologna will surprise you with its rich heritage and biodiversity; before leaving, always check the autonomy in km and the tank.

By e-scooter

The Corrente app recently made 100 electric scooters available for rent in and around Bologna: practical and easy to use.

Helmet on head and off you go!

By bus

The city boasts an extensive network of bus lines operated by the Tper company. Travelling by bus allows you to shorten distances from one place to another, move with low environmental impact and reduce costs. Tickets can be purchased on board by coin or credit card or at Tper sales points, tobacconists or even some newsagents.

On foot

The city lends itself particularly well to unveiling itself step by step. Amidst the narrow streets and alleys off the main roads, Bologna blooms like a bud in spring. Its medieval flair and its great artistic and gastronomic tradition make it a city on a human scale, ideal for pedestrians.

Getting around on a monorail

If you are attentive to sustainable transport, you cannot but choose the Marconi Express for monorail connections to and from Bologna's Guglielmo Marconi Airport. A Bolognese excellence that reaches the Central Station in just 7 minutes in a practical and sustainable way, with 35% of self-produced energy thanks to photovoltaic panels.

Future projects: the Tramway

Bologna is a progressive and forward-looking city. In April 2023, work began on the project to integrate urban public transport connections by tramway.

Work on the tram is expected to be completed in 2026. A great opportunity for sustainable mobility well worth waiting to experience.

Stay tuned!

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