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Carnival 2023: all the events in Bologna

Posted on 20 January 2023 From Bologna Welcome

The city glows with colour, comes alive with joy and dresses up in preparation for the most fun-filled and celebratory time of the year. Involving all the city right out to the province, Carnival in Bologna is an unmissable experience to enjoy with family or friends. The period from 5 to 21 February 2023 is packed with exciting events: from the last Thursday before Lent on 16 February, through to Carnival itself on 19 February 2023 and Shrove Tuesday on 21 February 2023, when the festivities come to their traditional close.

What to do and which events to attend


The Carnival Fair takes place from 19 and 21 February 2023, with parking available in various parts of the historic centre:

  • Piazza Maggiore (near Palazzo del Podestà);
  • Piazza Maggiore (near the Clock Tower)
  • Piazza Maggiore corner of Piazza Nettuno (Palazzo del Podestà side)
  • Piazza Nettuno (opposite the travel agent)
  • Via Indipendenza Nos. 3 - 4 - 17 -31 - 53 - corner of Via Montegrappa - corner of Via Goito
  • Via Irnerio corner of Via Indipendenza

Walk around and enjoy the break among the booths of sweets and handicrafts!


In Montagnola Park it is now tradition, from workshops, to events suitable for everyone, Carnival has never been so lively. From Jan. 18 to Feb. 19, 2023 discover all the programming, by reservation, here.


Leaving Piazza Carducci in the company of Associazione 8cento APS at 3 pm on Saturday 18 February 2023, and joining the procession under the Porticoes of Santo Stefano and Farini to Piazza Minghetti, you can experience the magic of the masked ball with the historical re-enactment of the 19th century Carnival.


In February, Carnival is more fun at FICO Eataly World, with games and animations dedicated to the little ones. And those who enter masked will be able to take part in the traditional Carnival Sweets Quest or the Carnival Ball to be held on Saturday 18 February 2023.

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This year will see the 149th edition of the ultra-centenarian Carnival of San Giovanni in Persiceto. The town has an age-old reputation for its carnival tradition, featuring handcrafted creations by long-standing Persiceto workshops. The big parade sets off on 12 February at 4 pm for Piazza del Popolo, where each float undergoes a transformation, or “Spillo” in local dialect, whereby it recounts its own story and unveils its full creative glory. On 19 February 2023, the winning float will receive the Gonfalone Bianco award, which it will retain for the rest of the year.

Flag-wavers, floats and masks are the unmissable attractions at the Carnival of Pieve di Cento, 30 km from Bologna, on 5, 12 and 19 February 2023. Every Sunday, the village streets come alive with a full-on party from 2.30 pm to dusk.

And again in Bazzano, Sala Bolognese, Minerbio, San Matteo della Decima and San Pietro in Casale on the Bologna plain, the Carnival is wholeheartedly exuberant and welcomes the visitor with allegory-themed float parades and sweets. All events have free admission.

At Carnival every joke counts! Every opportunity is good to experience the history of the area through puppets. Find out how to visit the workshop, the masks and the funniest skits! Find out about the event in Budrio (BO) here. 

In the Imola area, the Carnival of Fantaveicoli in Imola town is a unique tradition now reaching its 26th year; the parade, featuring floats created from parts of other vehicles such as bicycles and wheelbarrows, starts from the Autodromo Internazionale Enzo e Dino Ferrari on 19 February at 2.30 pm and culminates in Piazza Matteotti.

And what better way to spend Shrove Tuesday than to share a sumptuous lunch with friends at the Macaroni and Polenta Festival in Borgo Tossignano? Find out more here.

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Carnival in the kitchen

"Sfrappole" are the traditional dessert par excellence

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