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A park to suit every taste

Updated on 06 April 2020 From Bologna Welcome

Bologna is characterized by an extensive variety of natural areas, from the flatlands to the vast parks of the Apennines. Through this itinerary you’re going to discover this priceless heritage enclosed in the greenery, marvelling at its incredible beauty and richness.


Oasi la Rizza and Oasi Fluviale WWF Molino Grande are protected wetlands in the flatlands’ territory. Of great natural interest, they are dedicated to the preservation of the particularly exposed biodiversity of this area.  


Conversely, the Apennines’ big parks come with the most varied itineraries, peculiarities and unique views, ranging from the rolling hills, the castle and the abbey in Monteveglio Park, over the alpine habitat and the waterfalls of Dardagna and the Tanamalia gorge to Mount Corno alle Scale. The 130 km of trails and the two lakes in the Park of Suviana and Brasimone, the karst complex and its gullies, the cave of Spipola in the regional Parco dei Gessi Bolognesi and the ravines of Abbadessa are other unmissable attractions in the Bolognese mountains. Last but not least, one should not forget about Monte Sole Historical Park and the memorial site dedicated to the civilizations that have inhabited these areas since ancient times.

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