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Ticket office open from Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 2pm and from 4:30pm to 7pm (and from 1 hour prior to the start of the performances) and tickets for sale also at Bologna Welcome in Piazza Maggiore 1/e

Via dell'Indipendenza 44Bologna (BO)40121

Ticket office open 2 hours prior to the start of the performance.

Piazza di Porta Castiglione 3Bologna (BO)40136

Ticket office open from Tuesday to Saturday from 3pm to 7pm and tickets for sale also at Bologna Welcome in Piazza Maggiore 1/e

Via Libia 59Bologna (BO)40138

The Opificio delle Acque - Centro didattico documentale located on the ground floor of the building, renovated between 2018-2020 on a project by arch. Francisco Giordano, aims to deepen through multiple cultural activities the secular link between the urban development of Bologna and the maintenance of the ancient hydraulic structures, which still ensure the proper functioning of the network, today largely hidden from view. 

051 0181477bologna@roncatociak.com

A space completely dedicated to luggage, business and leisure bags and backpacks.

Come and choose the perfect suitcase for your next trip.

Rigid and fabric suitcases and trolleys in different sizes: large and medium for trips longer than a week, cabin trolleys perfect for low-cost flights. Travel bags in different sizes and materials.

Travel and leisure or gym accessories. Women's bags and small leather goods for him and her.

The shop is constantly stocked.

Come and visit us and choose your ideal product from the brands: Ciak Roncato, Esercito Italiano, Baulificio Italiano.

Via d'Azeglio 26Bologna (BO)40123


Via S. Gervasio 5Bologna (BO)40121

Bologna, besides being the “Erudite” was defined the “Fat” for the richness and the variety of its flavour in the kitchen.

Garganelli Restaurant in Bologna was born in 1956 from the Trombetti Family willingness to “tell” the story of the Big Italian Cuisine and of their territory, proposing dishes typical from the Emilia Romagna Region as well as mediterranean flavours with fresh fish and creative combinations.

Via del Pilastro 2Bologna (BO)40127

The Opera Restaurant welcomes you in a large, bright room overlooking the swimming pool. The warm and welcoming style, with the option of having lunch or dinner outside, will take you on a journey of flavours that ranges from typical regional cuisine to its own Italian and international cuisine, which will satisfy even the most demanding palates.

Via Michelino 73Bologna (BO)40127

Pizzeria and seafood restaurant 

Via Riva di Reno 60Bologna (BO)40122

Fast food restaurant in central position

Via Ugo Bassi 10hBologna (BO)40121

Healthy food restaurant

Via Ugo Bassi 10gBologna (BO)40121

Bolognese traditional restaurant

Via Goito 3/aBologna (BO)40126


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