Pala Bentivoglio, Francesco Francia, Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna

Renaissance in Bologna

Bologna is rediscovering its own Renaissance 

Renowned for its perfectly preserved mediaeval historic centre, Bologna can also boast an rich Renaissance past, beautifully showcased through a host of great masterpieces awaiting inside churches and museums. 

A rediscovered Renaissance, to be experienced at the Pinacoteca Nazionale exhibition-event while listening to in-depth podcasts and walking among unforgettable Renaissance sites.

Ritratto di Papa Giulio II, Raffaello ©Ministero della Cultura, su concessione della Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna

EXHIBIT- Julius II and Rapahel. A new Renaissance season in Bologna

From Raphael to Parmigianino retracing Bologna's artistic glory from the Bentivoglio era to the coronation of Charles V

Ticket and guided tour
Santa Cecilia, Raffaello. Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna

ITINERARY- Bologna and the Renaissance

Let's now embark on a journey through the iconic landmarks of this period: it all began with the House of Bentivoglio....

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