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Liberty Style! Bologna Art Nouveau


Edited by: MIRARTE in collaboration with Settore Musei Civici del Comune di Bologna/Collezioni Comunali d'Arte e Fondazione Innovazione Urbana

October 30, 2022

The Italian variant of Art Nouveau, the so-called Liberty style, flourished during the Belle Èpoque, between about 1890 and 1914. Sometimes known as stile floreale, arte nuova, or stile moderno, it took its name from Arthur Lasenby Liberty and the store he founded in 1874 in London, Liberty Department Store, which specialized in importing ornaments, textiles and art objects from Japan and the Far East.  It was an elite movement, a decorative style loved by the progressive and cultured industrial high bourgeoisie. The city of Bologna was charmed by this style too: via Indipendenza, one of the main arteries of the city and link between the main square and the newly built railway station, is the cornerstone of a transformation process that will flourish precisely in those years. The Pincio stairway will be the starting point of an itinerary that will take us to the Arena del Sole, where we will be allowed to extraordinarily access the halls, the ancient cloister, the dressing rooms and many other usually inaccessible spaces. The promenade will continue along the street where there were many theaters and cinemas of enormous success. Later we will access exceptionally the famous Sala Verde, a true Art Nouveau gem created for the celebration of the first civil marriages. The tour will end inside the Municipal Art Collections to admire the masterpieces of the Emilia Ars handmade laces.

Meeting place: Scalinata del Pincio, Piazza XX Settembre, Bologna

Date of departure: October 30 at 3pm

Duration/Length: 2,5h/ 1,5 km

Reservations from 14 October from 09:00 with the following modalities

For reservations: 

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Call 320 0118596 or 0519911923 (Monday to Friday) from 1pm to 3pm

or send an e-mail: info@mirartecoop.it

It is not possible to book more than two itineraries in the city for you and perhaps another person, so that others can take part in the urban trekking.

If you can no longer participate in the route you have booked, we kindly ask you to cancel in the manner indicated in the confirmation email.



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