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Tortellini and Bologna have always been synonymous, even though traditions and historical disputes have modified its "heart" or better the filling according to the different regions and culinary habits, the dough which is the '"envelope" that softly wraps the legendary heart, has maintained strict “rules” of eggs and flour.

Alessandro Molinari Pradelli in "The Italian regional cuisine," says that "the pasta was born from spontaneous gestures and substantially by the various steps of the usage of cereals not only in popular food but also the one of the Lords and their courts, pasta is mentioned in all historical cooking treates born in those powerfull and refined cultural centers that were Mantua, Ferrara, Venice. Florence and Rome between the end of the '300 and '500. It is reported in the Code of the “Anonimo Toscano” preserved in the Library of the University of Bologna, how to make lasagne: .. “Take good white flour, dissolve Iit in warm water and make it thick, then roll it thinly and lay it out to dry".

In the book, by Bassani-Roversi "Eminence, lunch is served" are the recipes of Alberto Alvisi, the mastercook of Cardinal Chiaramonti, Bishop of Imola (1785 - 1800), “ Capelletti alla Bolognese:" are mentioned… “For the dough you need at least four eggs, endeavoring to mix everything together with the same diligency ... For this dose or quantity you need two pounds of flour for the sheets of dough that have to become nice and smooth “.

Here, is where only skilled hands can transform a mixture of eggs and flour into a “coat” as soft as velvet: and this is the great art of the "sfogline". They are professional women of the the rolling pin whose ability to produce a series of specialties from this velvet coat have entitled this region as the capital of gastronomy.

Eggs and Flour are unique ingredients, but also the name of the fresh pasta shop, where Rita and Simona will dispense table delicacies like lasagne, tortellini, tortelloni and the famous "tagliatelle", situated in a historical location in the heart of the city, known as “Corte Isolani”

Eggs and Flour overlooks Piazza Santo Stefano, one of the most beautiful and evocative sites in Italy behind the Two Towers an indisputable and unfailing destination for all international tourists who will be welcomed by competent and bilingual staff.

A visit to Eggs and Flour will be an unforgettable experience.

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by car: located in restricted traffic zone ZTL. Ring road exits n. 11/11bis-12 direction city center.