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Le Cesarine

Via Caprarie, 5 Bologna (BO)

Phone +39 051 220797

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Date of last update: 03/09/2018, 17:33

The well-known Bologna’s Cesarine open the doors of their homes to spread the authentic traditional cuisine of Emilia-Romagna.

Through the Cesarine.it website it is possible to book 4 different cooking classes: “Working with dough” to whoever desires learning the art of making dough, “The family recipes from Bologna” for anyone which is curious to re-discover the hidden secrets of the family cookbooks, “Bread, Crescente focaccia and flat bread” to know the endless processing techniques of white flour and “Ancient Emilia Romagna cuisine” for the lovers of the rarest and most delectable traditional recipes. 

You can choose the entire course or a single 3-hours lesson: your personal working area will be complete with all the tools and ingredients you need and, at the end of the class you will taste the result of your commitment, sipping a good glass of local wine. 

A class can be booked by a minimum of 2 participants and, if the calendar does not satisfy your necessities, you can ask for an extra date filling the specific form. 

The Cesarine’s official apron is in homage to all the learners, from the more expert cooks to the beginners!

From Monday to Friday:

09.30am - 1pm / 2pm - 6pm