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Since 1999 Carmelita has been sharing her passion for Bologna and its food by running small cooking classes for just 1 to 4 guests, 6 if friends or family. The hands-on classes are held in English and are intended for English speaking visitors and holiday makers.
The market-to-table classes (9 am to 4 pm) start with a fun and informative morning market tour of Bologna's oldest and most picturesque food market, shopping for ingredients and tasting several specialties along the way. This is followed by a hands-on class making a three course meal  at Carmelita's very central apartment a few minutes walk away. At the end guests sit down to enjoy the meal they prepared, accompanied of course by a good wine selected by a sommelier to match the dishes made, and by more of Carmelita' s stories, cooking tips and gastronomic information.

The meal may be a traditional one from the cuisines of Bologna or Emilia-Romagna, or chosen from other Italian regional cuisines or even a contemporary style meal, while the menu can be customized to suit your preferences. The market-to table classes are offered year round, every day except Sundays when the food markets and shops are shut

If your time is short, Cook Italy also offers educational market tours without the cooking class, as well as half-day themed cooking classes lasting 4 hours (3 hours preparing and cooking, an hour enjoying the food prepared).  These classes have fixed set menus.

All year, day classes 9am to 4pm and short classes

Carmelita's Cook Italy