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yoU COME Festival 2019

Unesco Cities Of Music Event - concert of UNESCO Creative cities of Music

Date: 14/06/2019

Parco della Montagnola

Phone +3905121940594684

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Date of last update: 17/06/2019, 10:47

The music genres will range from rock to hip hop, from jazz to singer-songwriter music.

The music line-up was defined through a call launched among UNESCO Creative Cities of Music, to select artists who represent the local scene, with no distinction of music genre, with the aim to disseminate the role and the importance of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

Concert of bands Equilíbrio (Amarante, Portugal), Max Bravura (Katowice, Poland), Tinatin (Hannover, Germany), Okkupeerder (Ghent, Belgium) and the singer-songwriter Cimini (Bologna-Pesaro).

The event will take place the day before during the XIII UNESCO Creative Cities Network Annual Conference in Fabriano.

  • Date: 14/06/2019