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Una testa, un volto. Pari nelle differenze

From: 30/11/2018 - To: 6/01/2019

Palazzo d'Accursio (Collezioni Comunali d'Arte, Sala Farnese), Piazza Maggiore 6

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India, Tibet, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Cuba: the photographs of Steve McCurry portray a series of faces in which you can recognise yourself beyond borders and barriers. Photographs that educate the knowledge and vision without prejudice towards others, to safeguard the heritage of the differences between the cultures in the world. Because culture is the only means to save us as human beings.

The exhibition, created for the first Biennale della Cooperazione italiana (Biennial Italian Cooperation), is sponsored by the Alleanza delle Cooperative italiane (Alliance of Italian Cooperatives), the Coordinamento delle centrali Confcooperative (the coordination of the Confcooperative), Legacoop and Agci, in collaboration with Istituzione Bologna Musei (Bologna Museums Institution).

Curated by SudEst 57 and Biba Giacchetti, with Monica Fantini and Fabio Lazzari, stage sets by Peter Bottazzi, videos by Matteo Lolletti and Juan Martin Baigorria for Sunset Comunicazione, graphics by Nicola Lazzari, installations by Sistema Lab.

Friday 30th November, in Bologna, Steve McCurry will be rewarded “Colomba d’oro internazionale” as part of the award “Colombe d’ora per la pace”, which the Istituto di ricerche internazionali Archivio Disarmo acknowledged him for his “professional skills and talent as artist in illustrating the human nature by means of images with authenticity and spontaneity that are rarely expressed by written or oral expressions”. “His photographs, taken in four corners of the planet on the territories devastated by the conflicts – says in the justification of the award – illustrate an extraordinary talent of capturing the soul and storytelling of the individuals that he met, through a wise and rational use of the camera.” At 6:30pm, Steve McCurry will participate in a meeting on parity in Salone del Podestà of Palazzo Re Enzo.

  • From: 30/11/2018
  • To: 6/01/2019

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Una testa, un volto. Pari nelle differenze