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Transappenninica december 2018: historical train

Discovering the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines

Date: 8/12/2018

Partenza da Bologna Centrale/Departure from Bologna Centrale

Date of last update: 13/11/2018, 09:01

On 8th December at 10.05 am a special train - or actually a historic train - will depart from Bologna Centrale. Transappenninica is back offering a thrilling journey along the Porrettana railway that used to connect Bologna to Porretta.

A steam locomotive will take you among mountain and valley landscapes as far as Porretta Terme for the switching on of the Christmas lights and the start of the Christmas market on December 8th.

The programme is as follows:

Bologna C.le (d.10.09 am) – Porretta Terme (a.12.55 am); with stops in: Casalecchio di Reno (d.10.35 am), Sasso Marconi (d.11.06 am), Marzabotto (d.11.57 am), Vergato (d.12.17 am), Riola (d.12.35 am).

Steam locomotive - total seats: 392

Porretta Terme (d. 6.45 pm) – Bologna Centrale (a. 9.12 pm); with stops in: Riola (d. 7.05 pm), Vergato (d. 7.18 pm), Marzabotto (d. 8.00 pm), Sasso Marconi (d. 8.32 pm), Casalecchio di Reno (d. 8.47 pm).

E626 electric locomotive - total seats: 392

>>Tickets will be on sale from 27 November, 2018 at 9.00am in the Bologna Welcome tourist information office in Piazza Maggiore 1/E or online on www.bolognawelcome.com

Tickets are subject to availability while supplies last<<

Further information at www.discoveraltorenoterme.it