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From: 31/12/2019 - To: 6/01/2020

Piazza Costituzione 5/F

Phone +39051372540

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Date of last update: 07/01/2020, 09:55

After the success of Alis, praised by over 175,000 spectators, LE CIRQUE WORLD'S TOP PERFORMERS, the company formed by the best artists of the nouveau cirque and coming from the Cirque du Soleil, presents a completely novel and unprecedented show, Tilt.

Taking refuge in a world where everything that happens is virtual to gradually getting lost is the sense of what is really true. As fantastic and perfect as it sounds, this world will implode and go into Tilt.

Steven Spielberg'smasterpiece "Ready Player One", released a year ago and among the top five blockbuster films signed by the famous director, gave the idea to design and create this new show, which, following the tradition of LE CIRQUE WORLD'S TOP PERFORMERS, will be made by an international cast of artists considered the excellence in contemporary circus arts. They will perform in shows in the air and on the ground that will enchant for their spectacularity. New elements will be introduced, such as the narrative, always interpreted through movement, accompanied by music and dance, which will be a constant. It will be a 360-degree show, electrifying and romantic at the same time.

  • From: 31/12/2019
  • To: 6/01/2020

December 31: 9:45pm
January 4: 4:30pm and 9pm
January 5 and 6: 4:30pm