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Sunrisebike Ride

Discover the city by bike at the sunrise

Date: 2/06/2019

Giardini Margherita

Reference maps: M-10

Date of last update: 06/06/2019, 11:39

SUNRISEBIKE RIDE is a non-competitive ride starting at dawn along an easy route lasting about an hour, which will enhance the beauty of the city.

“If you like the energy that comes from sharing, if you love the sun in your face and the wind in your hair, if you look for the magic transmitted by something unusual and believe that pedaling is a nice way to set the mood in motion, then with SUNRISEBIKE RIDE you will be in the right place! "

Those who register at SUNRISEBIKE RIDE strongly believe that one of the most beautiful moments to rediscover their city is early in the morning, riding a bike, free from the filters imposed by hectic everyday life, to get back its colors and appreciate its history.

  • Date: 2/06/2019

- 1 euro adults ( starting from 13 years old )
- 2 euro children (from 6 to 12 years old)
- FREE / If it is your birthday the day of Sunrisebike