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Sundays at the Oasis

Ex Paddy by Bentivoglio - Oasi la Rizza

From: 29/09/2019 - To: 27/10/2019

Via Bassa Degli Albanelli, 13

Date of last update: 28/10/2019, 10:25

Ideal walks to observe, discover and learn about the natural aspects of a protected area in the heart of the Bolognese plain: the Ex Paddy of Bentivoglio - Oasi la Rizza. After having crossed the wood and observed the most characteristic aspects, the route plans to arrive on the wetland in the center of the Oasis, in the peninsula called Punta degli Olmi, where there is a fauna observation tower and an underwater observatory where you can see aquatic plants and animals from very close.

The final stop at Punta degli Olmi involves a moment of in-depth observation, with the use of binoculars and telescopes to observe the flocks of wild ducks and geese coming from northern Europe, stopping in the flooded area.

All the routes of the routes are flat and do not involve difficulty traveling, the total length is 1.6 km (round trip), the topics covered by the accompanying staff are within the reach of children.

  • From: 29/09/2019
  • To: 27/10/2019

The meeting point is in the courtyard in front of the Visitor Center (Via Bassa degli Albanelli, 13 - Bentivoglio), departure of the group of visitors at 10:30 am, duration about 2 hours